Peer Review Prosiding The Teaching and Learning Mathematics Through Metacognitive Strategy

Umy Zahroh, 020 (2011) Peer Review Prosiding The Teaching and Learning Mathematics Through Metacognitive Strategy. Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta.

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To improve the teaching and learning is an important factor that needs to be considered. To improve the students' learning achievement is one of the tasks and the responsibilities of a professional teacher. One of the strategies to improve the quality of teaching is by applying metacognitive technique which is entered not only to improve their achievement but the awareness of learning as well. The teaching and learning activities done by combining cognitive, affective, psycomotoric and metacognitive domains are able to improve the awareness of the student on what they have learn. The result of the students' learning is considered to be qualified if they are considerably able to control their cognitive process sustainably and it brings about the improvement of the metacognitive quality. The implementation of metacognitive technique in mathematics problem solving is able to build the students' characteristics, such as they get used to think reflectively, alternatively, and systematically; they have good control in doing various activities; they have good plan before doing any activities; they are capable of monitoring and evaluating their own activities. Accordingly, metacognitive strategy needs to be implemented in teaching mathematics.

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