Implementation of Role Playing Techniques on Orde Tabung in the Model Counseling of KIPAS

Akhmad Rizqon Khamami, 197408292008011006 (2021) Implementation of Role Playing Techniques on Orde Tabung in the Model Counseling of KIPAS. East African Scholars Journal of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences, 4 (3). pp. 65-69. ISSN ISSN 2663-1865 (Print) | ISSN 2663-6751 (Online)

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The counseling process always involves counselors and clients who come from different cultural backgrounds ranging from race, ethnicity and religion. In this case, the role playing technique can help the counseling process between the client and the counselor to find solutions to the problems at hand. In this study, the contribution of the model KIPAS itself, namely self-development and problem solving counselee, with an approach that relies on aspects of culture, experience, integrating various counseling approaches in conventional approaches, elements and values of culture, psychology, religion and social. This research uses a case study approach. The object of study is in the form of book and journal literature, both digital and manual, while the data collection method is carried out by observation and documents. The results of this study are socio-historical drama scripts, themes and characterizations as well as an emphasis on preventing the emergence of problems in a person. Thus the model KIPAS is a process to help a person or individuals to understand how the process of solving problems about cultural life in today's society.

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Subjects: Psikologi > Psikologi sosial
Divisions: Fakultas Ushuluddin, Adab Dan Dakwah > Tasawuf Psikoterapi
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