The Holy Koran’s Concept on Politic: Thematic’s Study about Politic’s Verses

Zailani, Zailani (2014) The Holy Koran’s Concept on Politic: Thematic’s Study about Politic’s Verses. [ Skripsi ]

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The Holy Koran is the holy book of Moslem which has been revealed by God to the Prophet who was sightless in reading and writing. Its lessons are universal, as guidance in syariah, aqidah, religious practice and also muamalah, including moral order in politic activities. The Holy Koran’s comprehensiveness includes all aspects of life, giving recommendation about what human to do on earth. Even this revelation contains dimension of divinity ( al khaliq ), but its application can be applied on humanitarianism( creature ). It is really sad, when there is assumption in Moslem society if governance problem has no relation to religion, even to God. In muamalah (social interaction) and muhakamah (positive law), Moslem society prefer to choose positive law and legislation regulation. Furthermore, the presence of state and Islamic parties do not get positive response from international world. This fact makes the writer stated three basic questions as basic reference to examine The Holy Koran’s theme related to politic. They are: What verses in The Holy Koran talk about politic?, What is The Holy Koran’s mission on politic?, What is the ideal form of politic in The Holy Koran?. The purpose of the study are to research The Holy Koran’s verses which have relation to politic matters both textual and contextual, both written and implied; to examine the verses which are makiyah or madaniyah , its asbabu al nuzul, and also its interpretation of Mufassir; to understand the content of the verses politic related in The Holy Koran; to formulate The Holy Koran politics mission; and to determine the ideal formal and non formal of government form depends on The Holy Koran. The definition of method ( manhaj or thariqot ) is a set of rule which must be noticed and obeyed by Mufassir in giving interpretation to The Holy Koran to prevent mistakes and deviations. This research use a maudhu ’ i method (thematic), by collecting the verses that talk about particular topic. This method is constituted on the truth that there is no contradiction in each verse in The Holy Koran. And this research is called library research. The meaning of politic is a missionary religion, to invite people to behave well in order to render common welfare. A process and policy performing to reach better life in the world and here after, body and spritual, well did by formal institute and non formal, by governance institution and civil institution. Meanwhile The Holy Koran politics mission is a subject to mantain tauhid. Basically, The Holy Koran never clearly mention about siyasah (politic), since politic is a term of government. In The Holy Koran we only find a command to do deliberation in solving problems. The Holy Koran absolutely does not speak about mechanism and ideal format of politic. But The Holy Koran just interpose an example case ( sirah nabawiyah ) on politic of the Prophet and his Companions to be made a learning, because it loads basic point that becomes guidance to do activities, since The Holy Koran has a function as life’s guidance ( huda ). So the procession on politic can walk based on regular manner and points which are already patternized. The absence of politic thingies in The Holy Koran doesnt make the degree of The Holy Holy Koran downwards. But it makes God’s wisdom still does exist. The Holy Koran gives freedom to Muhammad to form political system depends on needed without undone the values of The Holy Koran itself. Leaving The Holy Koran means causing God’s anger and bring us to the destruction of social life system.

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