Konsep Fitrah Dalam Al-Quran

Muwahid Sulhan, 195312051982031004 (2010) Konsep Fitrah Dalam Al-Quran. Kontemplasi : Jurnal Ke-Ushuluddinan, 7 (2). pp. 123-136. ISSN 0216-6399


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The word jitrah has a close relationship with the word fitrah found in the term ‘idulfim' (feast celebrating the end of fasting period) and in the term zakat fitrah (tithe in rice or money usually paid on last day of fasting month). F itrah means innate character of every human being. Lexically, the word firm}: has several meanings, namely the creation that bring about the first existence of a thing. Religiously, it means monotheism or the unity of God; it is that every human being naturally believes in the oneness of God since he was born.

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